Photography Pass

If you are interested in photographing the experience, activities, or scenery available at Liepold Farms, we welcome you to do so! Photographers, amateur and professional, are invited to purchase a Photography Pass for the festival season.

The Photography Pass is $100 for the 2019 Fall Festival.

All photographs must be identified as being at Liepold Farms and we ask that you include a link to our website and or tag us on social media posts of photos posted online.

      • You may only photograph public areas, employee areas are restricted.
      • You may not block-off or reserve public space for photography.
      • Animals and vehicles are not allowed on the festival property.
      • Photography sessions outside of festival hours are not currently available.
      • This pass covers the photographer named on the pass only, it cannot be shared.
      • All assistants and subjects must pay for a general admission pass to the festival.

Photography passes can be bought and picked up at the Store on the Festival grounds.