Welcome to Liepold Farms, a family owned farm in Boring, Oregon.

Welcome to Liepold Farms.  We are currently enjoying Berry Season!

Come taste some of Oregon’s most delicious Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Tree Fruit!

Sustainable Agriculture, good for everybody.

Liepold Farms.  Your local source for fun, friends, placing all of our focus and effort on providing the best locally grown and sustainable produce.

Liepold Farms is very proud to be the local host of Boring Beer Fest 2019! Tickets are selling fast, get yours for this special event weekend while you still can.

About Liepold Farms

Liepold Farms was started in 1952 by John and Elsa Liepold. John and Elsa met during World War 2. They moved to Oregon and started Liepold Farms. Their son Rod and his wife Maria took over the farm in 1985. They work the farm with their son Jeff and his wife Jen. Now grand-kids galore help as well.

Prices, Activities and Times

Liepold Farms is proud to host Boring Beer Fest 2019!

This awesome summer festival runs for one weekend only – August 23, 24, and 25.

Our activities include:

Axe Throwing
Ping Pong
Live Music
Water Misters
Cider and Wine 

Family Day – Sunday!

Pre-sale Tickets are available until Aug. 15

Contact Us

You can find the freshest berries and Boring Beer Fest 2019 at:

14050 SE Richey Road
Boring, OR 97009


To make reservations for parties call Brooke at 971-678-4066

Presale tickets for Boring Beer Fest 2019 are available until August 15.