Liepold Farms is a
Certified Organic Farm!!
We have been certified by QIMA/WQS.

Liepold Family Farms – over 70 years of tradition

Quality built on tradition. Liepold Farms is a sustainable family-owned 350-acre farm in Boring, Oregon.

John and Elsa met during WWII. They moved to Oregon and started Liepold Farms back in 1952. Their son Rod and his wife Marcia took over the farm in 1985. They work the farmland to this day still, alongside their son Jeff, his wife Jen, daughter Michelle, and her husband Paul. Now grandkids galore help as well – it’s a multi-generational operation.

Liepold Farms is open all week and weekend 9 am-5 pm during farm experience times.

The farm grounds are not open to the public outside of festival experiences, ticketed events, and booked reservations.

To make reservations for parties or events, please call us at (503) 663-5880.

Liepold Farms Frequently Asked Questions


Liepold Family Farms – over 70 years of tradition

You can pick up produce such as our farm-fresh berries, festival passes, and seasonal merchandise (as available) at our store on the Liepold Farms property. Throughout springtime and summer, we have local Oregon berries: including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and marionberries picked by our crew, available in our store.

During berry season, our stand is open daily for reservation pickup and drive-by sales from 9 am-3 pm. We may close early if we sell all our berries for the day.

Proudly Farming Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in Boring, OR.

As of 2022, Liepold Farms is a Certified Organic Farm.  We have been certified by QIMA/WQS.

Liepold Farms is Global GAP certified and follows sustainable agriculture rules. The GAP label certifies that our crops are “farmed in line with certified good farming practices that cover food safety, sustainability, environmental protection, animal welfare, social responsibility, and supply chain transparency.”

Our COVID-19 Pandemic Policies

Keep Everybody Healthy

We take your safety and the safety of our staff and family very seriously. We follow all CDC and Oregon Health Authority rules.  We have implemented and maintained a long list of OSHA and CDC recommendations. We are using social distancing (6ft.) rules for workers and customers alike. We have hand sanitizing stations throughout the farm stand and ask people to hand sanitize before entering touch zones.