2022 Liepold Farms Fall Festival

Myths, Monsters and, Legends


Make your way through our corn maze and experience some of our favorite Myths, Monsters, and Legends.  

Learn the cultural history of the stories and creatures that thrill and delight us. Remember, fauns help travelers, while leprechauns will lead you astray.  Be on the lookout for the ogre out hunting.  You may even encounter Sasquatch. 

Fall Festival

September 17th – 18th
9am to 5pm

September 24th – 25th
9am to 5pm

October 1st – 31st
7 days a week 9am – 5pm

Final Pass tickets sold at 4pm
General Admission till 4:30pm

Please allow 2 hours to enjoy the full farm experience,
plan to arrive no later than 3pm

21 and Over Nighttime Corn Maze
October 15th 7:30p – 9:30p


If you are coming late in the day, and weather is questionable, please call to make sure we’re not closing early.


Adult Pass $20

Kids Pass (2-13yo) $15


  • Corn Maze
  • Dark Maze
  • Gnome Hunt
  • Apple Slingshot
  • Children’s Pavilion
  • Hay Ride
  • Dead End Challenge in the Corn Maze
  • Festival-wide scavenger hunt
  • Apple slingshot (extra shots 3 for $2)


Orange Pumpkins


Specialty Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds

Pumpkin Patch:

Decorators and pumpkin carving masters unite at Liepold Farms. We have a harvest bounty of giant pumpkins, odd shapes, red, blue, and, white pumpkins. Decorators will delight in our multitude of gourds, corn stalks, and hay bales.

We have kid-sized wheelbarrows so your little ones can maneuver their pumpkin selections to the scales.

Corn Maze:

Over 6 acres of corn with a challenging maze. Find your way through and enjoy this year’s theme,
Myths, Monsters, and Legends

The Bee Train
(extra ticketed event, weekends only)

$5.00 per person, $10 for three people, $20 for six people
All aboard our bee train!  Let our little John Deere tractor, “Bambi,” tour you around in our cute little bee carts.  Fun for the whole family and a huge hit with the little kids! (Max Weight 200lbs)

Goat Experience:

$5.00 per person
Get an up close and personal experience with our Miniature Nigerian goats.  Get a chance to feed, pet, and play with our newest kids. Encourage them to climb all over their custom-made playground. Limited capacity, morning and evening feedings only.

Gnome Hunt:

Gnomes are tricky creatures who often move around. Here you can hunt for 16 gnomes around the farm. If you find all 16 and take a picture of you with the gnome, you win a Golden Gnome Prize (a tasty golden gnome hat).

The Dead End Challenge:

Find all 10 dead ends marked in the corn maze. Snap a picture of all 10 and head to the double yellow doors to collect your prize and be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing!

Scavenger Hunt:

Put on your detective hats and hunt for all sorts of hidden items around our festival. You’ll be looking for everything from animals to decorations.


Try and send an apple into orbit. This activity is for kids and the strong crowd alike! You stand between two large poles and attempt to hit a target with an apple shot with a huge rubber band. Loads of fun! Hit the target and win a pumpkin, then enter your name on our wall of fame. (3 extra apples for $2)

Retail Store:

Peruse our gift boutique. Yard decorations, fall home decorations and antiques. There is a unique selection from which to choose.

Fresh Donuts:

Enjoy our fresh donuts available Saturday and Sundays 10 am – 3 pm.  Call ahead if you are driving out to enjoy the donuts just to make sure we still have donuts; we frequently sell out because they are so yummy!


We have treats to tantalize your taste buds. Our famous home made pulled pork, grilled chicken, sausage dogs, nachos, caramel corn, mulled apple cider, and homemade hand-dipped caramel apples. Local beers, our signature hard ciders, and wine. Open on the weekends

Dark Maze:

Bring your own flashlight, or just feel your way through in the dark. It’s really dark and exciting, but perhaps not a place for people who don’t like tight spaces. A thrilling experience.

This is NOT a haunted maze.

Hay Ride:

Sit back and take in the gorgeous views of Mt. Hood and our picturesque farm. You will cruise for 20 minutes, seeing the beautiful scenery and seeing the pumpkins, sunflowers and, corn.